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dreamer said:   #2 seed   2011-2-8 16:19:59
utah state, for sure, will be #1 seed. Number two can be anybody, that's very interesting. Even LA tech and San Jose have a chance!
bigd said:      2009-2-25 10:57:42
The most exciting thing is the future. I don't think any team loses more than 1 starter, and IMO every team will be better next year. We should definitely be a 2/3 bid league.

I am worried about USU. If Nevada or someone else wins that WAC tourney than I don't know what their at-large chances are.
RPIID said:   The WAC is not that weak.   2009-2-24 0:37:59
According to RPI, the WAC is 11th out of 32 conferences. That's respectable, considering all the conferences that are below them. Unfortunately, the WAC only has one potential at large team in Utah State.
justtest said:   boise is in better position   2009-1-25 9:31:3
apparently boise st. has a better chance to defeat Utah St., plus it's rpi is much better than Nevada.
bigd said:      2009-1-18 10:40:8
I am really hoping that Utah State can go undefeated or have 1-loss in conference play, and then lose to Nevada in the WAC tourney. Then we could get 2 bids.
bowsfan said:   it'll take some time   2009-1-7 6:4:32
it'll take some time for the WAC to do some catch-up. Our football teams are doing fine though.
dhwarriors said:   we'll be back   2008-12-7 10:33:49
we were ranked #7 or #8 just two years ago, when we have great Neveda, Fresno, Hawaii teams... most teams are in the rebuilding phases, I feel last year was the worse year in a long time...
bowsfan said:   wac is weak now   2008-12-3 13:26:15
wac is still weak this year. The only team that is doing well is Utah St.
dhwarriors said:   wac this year   2007-1-3 19:37:17
a win over Gonzaga by Nevada pushed the conference back to #10.
bowsfan said:   WAC is #12 now   2005-12-31 20:24:9
2 weeks ago, was like #8
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