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Mars said:   Pokes 2-6 in conference play...    2013-2-3 1:33:2
Drew said:   Re:Mwest is strong this year   2013-1-4 6:4:8
Who would have thunk it, Wyoming is sporting the best record of the league? And the talk on the ESPN boards, not UNLV, the Lobos or Aztecs
Drew said:   Kick out Wyoming!   2013-1-4 6:2:14
Probably an AFA fan still offended by Coach Christensen
KiwipOrn said:   Re:Kick out Wyoming!   2012-12-22 18:45:30
Mars = Makes A Ret--d (look) Smart
goodrichfamily said:   Re:Kick out Wyoming!   2012-12-16 12:51:27
who's your team partner?
Mars said:   Kick out Wyoming!   2010-12-14 21:24:1
The MWC's average RPI would look great if it weren't for the Cowboys.
edd2boys said:      2010-12-4 12:51:4
Rebels playing great defense this year!!! Keep it up.
salukis said:   Mwest is strong this year   2007-1-5 21:53:33
wow, its conf RPI is almost the same as big east this year, impressive!
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