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bkaniecki said:      2011-1-11 13:52:17
yes, exactly.
bkaniecki said:      2011-1-11 13:51:22
Yes, exactly.
starreb said:   Re:OLE MISS   2011-1-9 21:23:11
So they would have been better off not playing them than beating them like a drum? And you can play a top 5 team and get beat like you stole something and move up?
bkaniecki said:   OLE MISS   2011-1-7 8:24:38
Because you beat a team by 40 points who is (0-12). This is an RPI website and the RPI has nothing to do with margin of victory.
starreb said:   Strange   2010-12-31 20:39:20
How do you beat a team (Alcorn St.) by nearly 40 points (100-62) and drop from 52 to 59.
nooutlet44 said:   OLE MISS   2010-3-14 4:47:22
I am a UK the fan and there is NO way that OLE Miss should be left out of the NCAA, 3 teams from the SEC. COME ON PLEASEing . ACC is getting 7? What is going ON?
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