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Gomarquette said:   Need some quality wins down the stretch   2016-2-2 15:20:49
This young team has to get at least 5 wins in these last 9 if they want a shot to make the tourney.
jpudner said:   no one has beaten us by double digits   2010-3-3 15:33:42
Marquette is one of only 7 teams in the US not to lose a single game by double figures this year. Three of the others are No. 1 seeds. While the RPI is not allowed to factor in point spreads, if MU could get any credit for coming within a couple of points at Nova, WVU and Syracuse, at home against Nova, and in Florida vs. FSU, MU is a top 20 team that is surging with 9 wins in their last 10 games.
kcasper13 said:   26 in the RPI???   2007-1-22 15:30:50
our SOS is #20, we have road wins v. a top 5 in Pitt, we beat #7 Duke and #24 on neutral courts. Well, at least we are ahead of Florida.
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