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ctdave said:   Re:Not so fast with the Cooley-ade   2020-3-4 3:26:19
"I don't see the Big East keeping them"?

Hopefully if you ever circle back to this comment you will have learned your history.

PC basketball coach and original commissioner Dave Gavitt founded the conference. It's one of four founding members (St. Johns, Georgetown, Syracuse) that invited in UCONN, Seton Hall and others.

Headquarters was there until 2014. The first three Big East commissioners were Providence Athletic Directors. The conference made ESPN what it is today because of Gavitt.

Simply put, Providence IS the Big East.
TwoStrokeTimmy said:   Re:Not so fast with the Cooley-ade   2015-12-6 5:32:59
It sort of funny to read this message now.
Isabella said:   Not so fast with the Cooley-ade   2012-2-11 21:19:21
Frair nation ordained this guy before he ever coached in a real D-1 basketball conference. Desparate times at Providence. I don't see the Big East keeping them with more real college basketball teams joining our great conference. Of course, we swept the Friars easily this year.
ajstopka said:   I DONT UNDERSTAND   2010-1-13 15:4:52
Oakland is at 55 and PC is at 80. Oakland has two bad losses and no quality wins. PC has a better strength of schedule. PC has more wins and less losses. So what gives??????
pja8 said:   Re:Friars Schedule   2009-2-2 12:53:44
yes, but how many quality wins does PC have? Syracuse is a strong 1. Possibly URI and Cincinatti going by their RPI's
byrdEman said:   Friars Schedule   2009-1-31 6:46:51
Of the Friars 6 losses (Two in-conference to G-town and Marquette both ranked) They lost to Baylor and St. Mary's (both ranked) They also lost @ B.C. which WAS ranked) The only other loss came against Northeastern in the Friars first game under their new coach and S. Curry just returning from last season's major leg injury. (not to mention NE will probably win their conference) If today was Selection Sunday ALL of the teams that the Friars lost to would probably be in the tournament.
bfrech15 said:   tough games   2009-1-29 8:44:50
um they didn't play a single ranked team non-conference
dvd4257 said:   Tough Games   2007-1-28 13:1:5
Every year PC has a tough schedule outside the conference.The Big East is tough enough why play ranked teams outside the Big East.Seems higher ranked teams have a easier schedule.
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