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zebulin said:      2012-3-9 13:23:56
What is going on here. No posts in 2012..

Yes yes yes!!!!!!! Longhorns in with big win over Iowa St. I still don't understand why they needed to win a game to get into the tourney when they went .500 in second best conference.
Mars said:   Compare   2011-2-21 1:23:28

Texas has two Top 25+1 RPI wins, North Carolina and Kansas... and a 17-point loss to USC (one of four losses).

BYU has five Top 25+1 RPIs wins (SDSU, Arizona, UNLVx2, Utah State), a better RPI, a similar SOS, more road wins, and two less losses...
chief_nakahoma said:   UT   2011-1-17 12:18:49
Again, what's wrong with this ranking system? We're top 10 in AP, but 41 in this RPI?. I think we deserve at least Top 15. We could easily be a 2 or 3 seed in March. 4 guys are averaging 10 plus PPG. 3 at 5+ RPG
ksampson14 said:   Longhorns are number 1   2008-3-12 6:22:38
Texas is a very tough team to beat. they have had a couple of tough losses that they probably should've won but that's okay.I keep hearing that if they win the big 12 tourney they can get a number 1 seed.
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