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Tcat155 said:   Wildcats building momentum   2012-2-24 9:3:9
As a Kansas State fan I hope they can continue to build momentum as we approach March madness. We don't need any let downs going into the Big 12 tournament. Our offense is bound to find their stride now. Iowa State will be a good test.
Tcat155 said:   Good tough loss!   2012-1-11 19:54:6
The Wildcats fought a good fight against #4 Baylor and even though they came up short, the loss should teach a valuable lesson for the future and motivate them as well. They almost pulled it off with less talent on the floor all night. The future is looking brighter.
Tcat155 said:   Wildcats building momentum   2011-2-26 11:19:43
The Kansas State wildcats have weathered some serious storms. Some self generated and others which were out of their control. With the win today over Missouri, they are building momentum. The game against Texas now looms large and I feel better about their chances even though it will be difficult on the road. God bless the wildcats for their efforts so far!
Tcat155 said:   Not a season breaker, but close   2010-1-28 22:39:29
Saturday's game against KU is not necessarily a season breaker, but it comes awfully close. The best chance to beat KU for the Cats is at Bramlage. A win would give this program a needed boost at a critical place in their schedule. To get it done will require an great game all around. Samuels,Kelly,Colon,Roberts, and Judge MUST be ON. Also the guards Pullen,Clemente, and MacGruder Must hit the JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ's.
High energy and intensity from the jump, take no prisoners!Offense and Defense for 40 minutes!
Tcat155 said:   Great opportunity Monday!   2010-1-17 16:7:6
Monday will be a great opportunity for the K-State Wildcats! I think they have a slim chance to upset the Longhorns. The big guys will have to play big without getting into foul trouble(tall order), and Pullen and Clemente must be spot on from outside. Wildcats by 2. Go homecourt advantage!!!!
Powercat07 said:   Should be a great year in the Big 12!   2010-1-14 8:26:36
You have KSU, Colorado and Mizzou already taking down south teams, KU and Texas are dominate, and the bottom 3-4 teams that are usually push-overs will be anything but this season. If the conference doesn't get at least 7 bids it will be a travesty!
Tcat155 said:   K-State in the top 10 where's Wichita   2010-1-4 21:29:5
K-State has broken into the top 10. This is huge for me. Tnks Hacksaw35 for your comments. Where is Wichita (@nd best in KS?)? K-State is definely capable of beating both Texas and KU though they will have to play a pretty flawless game. Their tenacious defense gives them a chance.
hacksaw35 said:   Onion is fishing.   2010-1-4 9:4:2
Have you seen KSU's non-conference schedule. It was brutal, and they didn't just squeak out wins. They won most by a comfortable 10-15 pt lead. They have a deep bench, and will get a win against Texas or Kansas in Manhattan this year. And saying that WSU is a better team is a joke.
Tcat155 said:   1-30-10 We'll know   2009-12-29 20:7:43
We should have a pretty good idea by Jan 30 after the KU game of about how many games K-State can win in conf and whether they are the most overrated team in the country. I think there are other teams that are more overrated than K-State.I won;t call names at this point because that's my opinion only.
onions1234567 said:   k-state most overrated team in the country   2009-12-28 12:25:27
k-state will be lucky to win 10 games in confrence. They are the 3rd best team in the state of Kansas behind KU and Wichita state. Can't to watch frank martin screw this one up. Overrated overrated
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